Introducing The National
Cycling League

Pro Cyclists Are The Sports
Stars Of Tomorrow

50+ million cyclists in the U.S., 2 billion cyclists worldwide, with no professional league of their own until now. Welcome to the NCL

"The National Cycling League is setting a new standard for inclusivity in professional sports by championing diversity. I was drawn to the opportunity to impact and transform communities through our mission," says Andrea Pagnanelli. "With more than 50 million cyclists in the U.S., we have an opportunity to grow the passion and excitement for the sport of cycling among the next generation of fans."

——— Andrea Pagnanelli, CEO

"I saw an opportunity to reinvent the sport I love; to bring the passion and excitement of cycling to the next generation of fans. I wanted to reduce the knowledge barrier of becoming a fan by adding a scoreboard and creating a league structure that mimics most other professional sports. I also wanted to reduce the time investment by making it shorter, faster, and more action-packed. And that is how the NCL was born."

——— Paris Wallace, Co-Founder and President

The NCL Cup

The NCL Cup is a series of professional cycling races across the United States with a prize purse to be distributed evenly among men and women for team winners.

10 teams split prize money equally between men and women

Male and female cyclists contribute equally to the score

Team points are earned every lap

Points are tracked on the scoreboard

Fans can watch in person, stream live globally or ride along in the metaverse

Aug 13th


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Aug 20th


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Our Foundational


The first sports league to be majority-minority and female owned.


NCL races have minimal carbon footprint and encourage cycling as a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


Teams are mixed-gender, with men and women competing on the same team.


Charity group rides, volunteer opportunities and fan expos at NCL races will connect local communities, fans, athletes and teams.

New League, New
Values, New Rules


League Based Play

Co-ed teams compete equally, on the same team, on the same course.


Nonstop Action

10 teams. 1 league. 1 trophy = The NCL Cup


Every Lap Counts

Points awarded each lap: 1st (3pts), 2nd (2pts), 3rd (1pt). Final Lap: 1st (30pts), 2nd (15pts), 3rd (12pts), 4th (8pts), 5th (6pts), 6th (5pts), 7th (4pts), 8th (3pts), 9th (2pts), 10th (1pt).


Rider Substitution

Prior to the last 5 laps, teams can substitute riders in and out anytime in the pit.


Real-Time Data

Up-to-the minute scores on the NCL scoreboard and in-race biometrics.